Cutbike – a compact bicycle
The concept of simplicity in bicycle design kindled the interest of bicycle engineers and designers throughout the world. Our team of likeminded people also felt inspired by this "minimalistic" idea in bicycle design and we made it our mission to create a bicycle that would take up minimum space with wheels of large diameter for comfortable riding. We named our project "the compact shortened bicycle," or "CUTBIKE."

Compact bicycle

The compact Single Speed bike with a double-chain torque transmission and a rather light steel frame.
A shortened bicycle frame
A shortened bicycle frame significantly reduces bicycle weight. The assembled Cutbike fits in the back seat of a passenger car. It does not occupy a lot of space in an elevator and in your home.
Cutbike reliability
The application of a double-chain torque allowed reducing the chain load and unloading the system axles and rear bushing of the bike. The serviceable life of chain sprockets has doubled. You do not have to disconnect the chain to remove it from the bike.
Increased cross-country capacity
Cutbike can ride over high steps and cross high obstacles and curbs. The system of lead sprockets of the bike does not protrude behind the driving rear wheel, due to which the chain gear does not gain caught in obstacles on the road. We have patented this configuration. The arrangement of the system ofdriving and led sprockets inside the bicycle frame enables completely covering them with a dust and sand protection hood.

Folding Cutbike

A folding Cutbike with a double-chain torque transmission and a light steel frame.
A shortened folding frame
The shortened folding bike frame significantly reduces the dimensions of Cutbike. When disassembled, the bike can fit in a trunk of any passenger car. Cutbike easily fits in any elevator and will not take up a lot of space in your home.
How to fold the bicycle
Remove the front wheel. Unscrew two bolts with the internal hexagon and collapse the frame by lowering it in the direction of the rear wheel. The frame can be fixed when collapsed using the same bolts, simply screw them in the special openings. Due to the usage of a double-chain torque transmission for frame collapsing we managed to keep the collapsed chain drive and system sprocket within the dimensions of the bicycle.
The advantages of folding Cutbike
The Cutbike frame, in spite of its collapsibility, is very hard and enables comfortable and fast driving. The collapsible frame has only one simple joint and two connecting bolt-nut nodes, which significantly lowers the price of the structure and makes it more reliable as compared with the other collapsible bicycles.
Is Cutbike comfortable to ride?
Cutbike has a shortened wheelbase and 29 inch wheels.
If you experienced riding a bike with 29" wheels, you will never give up comfortable riding due to the smooth ride of a bicycle with large wheels even on an uneven road. There can be no doubts: the larger the wheels, the more comfortable and safe is the ride.
Due to its shortened wheelbase, Cutbike is very maneuverable: you can turn around on a road less than 2 meters wide without losing balance. As a result, we achieved a high degree of maneuverability and ride comfort even in an uneven surface.
The double-chain torque transmission allows reducing load on the chain and sprockets twofold and reduces the load of driving system sprockets on axle bearings.
The light steel frame of Cutbike is welded from pipes and is powder coated.
Rear driving wheel bushing
The rear driving wheel bushing is equipped with a free wheel mechanism and is designed in a standard housing using two free wheel clutches and ball bearings. The sprockets are put on bushing axles and are fixed with locking rings. Standard sprockets with SHIMANO CS-HG30 cassettes are used. Identical sprockets with a similar fixture are used on Cutbike pedal drive.
You can order Cutbike
The price of
a basic configuration
is $350

The advantages of Cutbike are obvious:

Small size
Cross-country capacity
Light weight
Maintenance includes only chain lubrication
Uses standard component parts
Takes up minimum space
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